The Most Popular Halloween Costumes

Life’s not a popularity contest. But you still might be wondering what the most popular Halloween costumes are this year. Here are some of the best sellers from U.S. costume retailers.

The media has a large influence on what is in style. Movies, television shows, celebrities, and video games find their way into holiday costumes, too.

Alice in Wonderland, the movie, left its mark. Three of the bestselling outfits this year are memorable characters. First is Alice herself, in a plain blue dress. Then there is the Red Queen, in a velvet and gold dress with poufy skirt, crown, and huge collar.

Perhaps the most recognizable of the characters, the Mad Hatter, is popular for men this year. He wears a velvet jacket and gigantic top hat.

The 3-D hit movie sensation, Avatar, brought interesting-looking characters to the screen. Neytiri will be out and about this Halloween, in a blue, striped bodysuit.

Action movie, Iron Man 2, left us with Mark 6. He’s in a full jumpsuit, which includes a creepy gold helmet and a chest piece with a light-up arch reactor.

Even though the movie Top Gun is several decades old, the look that Tom Cruise made famous is still going strong. The green flight suit worn by the guys in the movie is complete with patches, aviator sunglasses, and handsome, good looks. (You need to provide the good looks.)

Halloween would not be complete without a vampire or two. Sexy vampires will be looking for someone to bite this holiday season. Twinkle Twinkle is a light up, sexy vampire look for women, with a dark red cape, corset, and mini skirt with fiber optics built in, for that surprise twinkly effect. Fangs are sold separately.

Superstar video game Halo 3 pits Master Chiefs against enemies of the humans of the future. The costume has full body armor and helmet. Do your part to save the world!

Pirate Captain Jack Sparrow is a character in Pirates of the Caribbean movies, where he was portrayed by Johnny Depp. His black eyeliner, bandanna head cover, and beads in his long hair continue to be easily recognized. The costume comes with swashbuckling pants, jacket, shirt, hat, buckles, and boot cover. You’ll need your own sword and boots, Matey. Arrgh!

Sexy is always in, and Snow White is always a classic. This combination of innocence and sex appeal is a big hit with adults. She wears a big red bow in her hair, plus a corset top and super mini, gold skirt. You provide the long legs, white stockings and high heels, and I’m sure your prince will come.

Animated feature film, Toy Story 2, introduced us to cowgirl Jessie. She looks cute in a red hat, western outfit, including cow-print chaps. You need your own cowgirl boots for this look.

You too can be a Can Can Dancer with another sexy female getup. This one has a feather headpiece, red and black sexy dress with full skirt to toss about, and striped stockings. Add your own high-heeled shoes and a choker to complete the va-va-voom look.

Retro takes a bow with a Gogo Dancer costume. You can get the psychedelic dress with short skirt, or you might have an old one in your closet. In that case, add oversized earrings, some high gogo boots, and a big headband, a la the 1960s, and you’ll be groovy, too.

So there’s a look at the most popular Halloween costumes this year. You can get full outfits, or piece them together yourself with thrift store finds and selected props, hats, boots, and so on. Have a howling good time on Halloween!