The Big Lies Behind the Most Popular Anti Aging Cream

I don’t know a thing about you, but if you’re like me I bet you’ve been disappointed and frustrated after buying the most popular anti aging cream, only to find out it was worthless. I’d also be willing to bet your bathroom cabinet is full of, so-called, “popular” skin care products which also didn’t deliver on their promises. Well, I’m here to expose the big lies behind these products and help you with information that can, finally, help you find the skin care you deserve.

Here are some of the more glaring untruths they want us to believe:

The first lie is that the cost of anti aging skin cream is directly related to the quality of ingredients. Truth be told, the synthetic chemicals which make up a jar of mainstream wrinkle cream cost about a nickel.

The cost of the most popular anti aging cream is actually related to another lie. Air-brushed models and movie and TV stars who are paid a ton of money to endorse a product they probably never use. Whether these stars appear in a television commercial, or a glossy magazine ad, you can be sure the cosmetic company paid a pretty penny to promote their jars of junk.

Another lie comes from the product itself. Synthetic chemicals like petrolatum, mineral oil, isopropyl myristate, trietholamine, glycerin, propylene glycol, alcohols and fragrance contribute nothing to the health and beauty of your skin. Companies use these substances because they combine into a silky-smooth mixture that smells good.

Unfortunately, these synthetic substances deposit a heavy film across your skin which creates another lie. Many people believe they see a true improvement in their lines and wrinkles after using these chemical-based creams. However, this is just a concealing trick created by the cosmetic film which lays on the surface of your skin.

So, does this mean we’re stuck with unwanted signs of aging, or do we have better alternatives? Well, it pleases me to tell you there are plenty of safe, effective and healthy anti aging products available if you just know how to find them.

You see, few people know about the small companies which develop these creams. They don’t have much money for advertising since they invest their revenues into expensive research and testing of the best natural ingredients.

Why natural substances? Because they are highly compatible with the natural chemistry of your skin. Furthermore, extracts from Nature contain potent nutrients which stimulate the ability of your skin cells to manufacture collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid…three vital substances needed to maintain firm, smooth skin.

Which natural extracts are most effective? Well, clinical studies indicate natural proteins, enzymes, vitamins, plant-based oils and essential fatty acids significantly stimulate collagen and elastin production, boost antioxidant activity, and provide healthy hydration.

These healthy substances are found in avocado oil, natural vitamin E, shea butter, Japanese sea algae (phytessence wakame), Co Enzyme Q10, active Manuka honey and sheep wool extract (Cyngergy TK) and others.

Well, now that you have this information I doubt you will ever be taken in by the lies behind the most popular anti aging cream again. So, where do you go from here? I hope you use this information to find effective products you can trust. If you’d like a head start on your research, just visit my web site.