Movie Halloween Costumes – What Are the 10 Most Popular for 2010?

When it comes to Halloween, movie themed costumes are constantly some of the hottest choices and this year 2010 will be no different! In the 2010, we have looked at the release of a number of the biggest blockbusters motion picture ever produced, filled with attractive figure so as to can be used as Halloween character ideas for kids, teens as well as adults. And for the dress up alternatives this Halloween, have a look at our selection of the top 10 movie Halloween costumes:

1. Avatar: No one will doubt that the release of the Avatar movie will be noted in film history. With essentially the most spectacular effects seen in a giant blockbuster movie, it also brought to life a whole new race of creatures referred to the Na’vi. Whether or not you choose to wear costume as Jake Sully’s Na’vi body, or Neytiri the Na’vi princess, you’ll be sure to draw attentions in this blue-skinned outfit!

2. Harry Potter: This is among the most popular movie Halloween costume themes! The Harry Potter franchise is HUGE and children will likely be lining up to play their favorite characters from the movies and books. Get yourself dressed with some authentic Hogwarts uniform and that essential wizard wand, and there you are set to go!

3. Toy Story 3: Both kids and adults crowded to theatres to catch up on the third sequel of the adorable toys adventures. Some new figures have been introduced, it remains the previous favourites that are going to sell out this Halloween: Woody the cowboy, Jessie the cowgirl and of course Buzz Lightyear the spaceman.

4. Iron Man 2: Iron Man is the latest superhero big hit, and this year’s movie Halloween costumes based on Iron Man comes with many models to choose from and some of them are the most impressive costume ever!

5. Batman: The Dark Knight in 2008 is the last movie featuring this superhero, however its popularity simply keeps on growing due to the fact that it has steadily generated impressive sales on Halloween costumes until now. You can choose either the heroic Batman or the evil Joker: it is for you to decide!

6. Alice in Wonderland: This contemporary approach on the classic story takes the characters in this movie in a brand new image for wonderful ideas of movie Halloween costumes this year. The most favourite men costume is unquestionably will be Johnny Depp’s portrayal on Mad Hatter, and for women costume is the obsessed Red Queen of Hearts. And the good news is that there are quite enough other character costume choices for all occasions!

7. Shrek: This cute green giant is back again this year in “Shrek – Forever After” episode, so there’s no doubt that his popularity will keep on rising. Costume choices also include beautiful Princess Fiona, the Gingerbread man, the funny sidekick Donkey or grumpy Shrek himself!

8. Twilight: The popularity of this romantic vampire saga is magnificent. Children, teenagers,adults and couples all over the world shall be determined to act as Edward Cullen and Bella Swan characters for the event!

9. Kick Ass: This movie will also likely to be a favourite model this Halloween, with a lot of people even coming up by way of their particular superhero characters and costumes as inspired by the premise of the movie.

10. How to Train Your Dragon: This movie might not be somewhat as well-known as the other, but it surely was a big hit for the kids in 2010. It’s sure to be more bigger coming on October 31 thanks to the fact that there are such a lot of fascinating characters to select from, either Viking or Dragon.

A good Halloween costume is being recognizable. You won’t go wrong choosing one of these movie Halloween costumes – everybody is certain to be familiar with which iconic character you are dressing as. Simply make sure to purchase your costumes effectively upfront, as they will most definitely to sell out quick!