5 Most Popular Hair Styles For 2008

The changes in hair styles have been gradual this year, but they have not come without notice. Apparently, the Paris Hilton long hair, Farah Fasset look is not going to fly in 2008. Shorter hair seems to be what’s in for women these days. It looks like all the predictions at the start of the year turned out to be the false positives of futurist fluff.

There seems to be a complete tug of war between long and short hair for women. Television and Movie Stars, Print Models and Runway Stars, as well as Olympic Athlete gold medalists and news commentators share a common theme, long hair is okay and perfectly fine in 2008 and perhaps even into 2009. However, short hair is also, as long as it is matched by a personality that fits.

For men we see more and more movie stars with lots of hair, wavy, almost bushy. Then we see baldness making a huge move for the rough tough guys. The GQ look survives another year, so the clean cut Clark Kent’s of the World are good to go, if they cannot muster the attitude of the carefree at peace with the society rebels of today.

So what’s hot and what’s not you ask?

Well, for gals its long or short. For guys it is wavy with bulk or bald like the incredible hulk. And for those who can carry a straight face, GQ is still okay. So, those are the 5 Most Popular Hair Styles for today. The trick is to be yourself, smile a lot, and not worry too much what’s hot and what’s not!